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Looking for knee and foot treatment in Singapore

February 6, 2018


Having a problem in your lower limbs require immediate medical attention as this might impede your normal activities. Even children are not spared from these problems, and are also subject for immediate medical attention as their conditions may lead to abnormalities during their adulthood.


This is what podiatry centers are for. Podiatry is a medical field dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of lower limbs conditions. In Singapore, there are podiatry centers which houses well-trained medical professionals internationally and can perform full-scale services to your lower limb.


These include non-surgical treatments that do not only help patients avoid the worry of surgical pain, but of the surgery cost and recovery treatment after surgery.


Foot Corn Removal


Corns are callouses on one’s foot that are look bumpy and make a person feel uncomfortable. 


These are developed as the feet are exposed to different stressors, such as our own body weight, the ground, and our footwear. Our feet can tolerate the stress coming from these stressors, however, only up to a certain level. Once it goes beyond the tolerance level of our feet, pathological changes occur.


Foot corns are made up of dead cells that have built-up, thus, forming like a hard pebble at the bottom of your feet.


Foot corn removal is usually done with local anesthesia and a surgical blade. But you should not do this on your own. Improper removal of foot corn may cause it to worsen, and may even cause a lot of bleeding, and it will also reappear. It is best to consult a podiatry expert to do this.


In Singapore, there are available foot corn removal services offered in podiatry centers.


Tip-toe Walking


Tip-toe walking may seem normal among toddlers, but this might be a sign of an underlying condition if not treated urgently in other cases. Tip-toe walking may signify inflammatory problems such arthritis; a congenital abnormality such as clubfoot; a neurological disease such as cerebral palsy; a developmental delay; or metabolic problems.


It is necessary to monitor your child if he or she does tip-toe walking. Ask your child if he experiences pain and check as well if his mood changes easily as if experiencing some discomfort. Be careful to observe if your child has the tendency to keep falling whenever walking.

If your child is more than three years old and still tip-toe walk, this may no longer be normal and requires medical attention. This problem may also be hereditary, so check if your family has a history of tip-toe walking.


It is best to consult a podiatry expert here in Singapore to correct this. The doctor will conduct physical examination to your child to come up with an accurate diagnosis prior to the treatment.


Knee Injury


Knee injuries may be caused by different factors, such as falling when you are in sports or being hit by a hard object on your knee joints, or dislocation due to an improper sudden movement. It may also be a sign of a bone and joints condition such as arthritis.


There are knee specialists in Singapore that are trained to diagnose knee problems and provide solutions. While others may opt for a simple knee massage, it would still be best to consult the specialists, before it gets too late for a cure.



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